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Hello. I was wondering if there is a difference in performance between the XFX 5870 and the other kinds of 5870 such as the Sapphire's Vapor-x. I mean performance as in will the games look any better or have that much better a framerate? Thank you!
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    Each major mfr has the stock versions, and also offers other models that are factory OCed, you'll have to check each mfr's models to determine the clock/mem rates. OCed will likely increase the card's performance, but you'll have to decide if the higher prices for factory-OCed cardsare worth the 1 to 5 FPS inrease (which also depends on the game and the rest of your system components.)
  2. theres also the 2gb version of the 5870, it supports up to 6 monitors in eyefinity while as the original ones only support 3 monitors in eyefinity.
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  4. Thanks Treefrog that helps a bunch!
  5. the vapor-x have a better cooler as well, and so does the latest xfx model, but i don't recommend paying more for an factory overclocked card since its very easy to overclock your self (you just drag a slider with your mouse and you're done)
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