Which Z68 board for gaming. OC no, 100% stability yes.

Dear community, please recommend me a Z68 motherboard for gaming/home computer.

- I would prefer 100% stability and long-life durability over few more fps in games.
- Price up to 220$ but if there will be a big quality step up for says 10$ it´s ok, otherwise less expensive is better.
- I don´t care much about Virtu and SSD caching.
- I do care about any VGA output (does not matter which one and how many, just at least one of HDMI, DVI, D-SUB), just for a case my dedicated VGA dies so i would have an emergency solution till i buy a new one.
- I don´t care about overclocking at all.
- My VGA is Asus GTX 560Ti, CPU i5 2400 if that matters.
- My hard drives are: i320 SSD 120GB and WD EARS 1.5TB (both SATA II) + Samsung DVD-RW SATA drive.

Thank you for your time.
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  1. Hmm, should i take it as there is not a reliable Z68 board on the market yet? I thought mainly about Asus P8Z68-V, Gigabyte Z68XP-UD3P, Asrock Z68 Extreme4 or MSI Z68A-GD65. But after many problems with Gigabyte 560Ti VGA i don´t trust the company anymore. At all, maybe wait for a new board revisions would be a good idea?
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