New mobo/cpu/ram close to pulling the trigger last minute comments ^^

Ive been back and forth over what to get and going to pull the trigger by the end of today. Looking for some last minute comments that might change my mind or get me to order this sooner :P

ASrock 870 extreme3

A-DATA Gaming Series 1600 (waiting on responses from both asrock and adata if its compatible if not then gskill 1600 4gbqn)

AMD x3 445

Its going to run a 5770 and eventually crossfire really attracted by the features and layout at 90$ My only concern is the 1 year warranty but i would be satisfied if it made it through that. Seems to be mixed opinions on asrocks reliability but thats the case for all brands of everything to i suppose. Anyone here have this particular board and any opinions on it? Newegg only has 16 reviews all good except 1 with load time issues but short term owners
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  1. Trying to keep it under 300 for the 3 which i had at 303 with a asus 890 or 277 with asus 790x. I see alot of people complaining about how picky the 890 is with ram though. How is it terrible outside of the mobo being asrock the ram only has 10% of reviews under 4 stars :P The only real problems im seeing with most asrock boards on newegg reviews is doa from the start. Asus seems to have alot die over time and yes ive read that asrock is a budget line from asus so quality should be the other way around but dont look like it from buyers
  2. Forget reviews on that. A-Data isn't a good brand, end of story. G.Skill is MUCH more reliable
  3. Why would you negate reviews from actual buyers and users based on someones opinion. They both have plenty of 5 star rated ram gskill just has alot more different types. I was looking at this to if it ends up being compatible. Im not going to play brand fan boy im going based on reviews and prices
  4. For $1 more after shipping, you could get this Mushkin 4 GB kit with the same clock speed & better timings. $9 less if you want to work the MIR. Hmm. When you search for it, it says $92 with free shipping. When you click on it, it's $95 with $1 shipping. Well, if you can get the $91 + free shipping kit, I'd go for that over the A-Data. Otherwise, the A-Data is fine, and should work without too much trouble. The voltage variance in the specs is a little odd, though...pretty big range.

    I think the ASRock mobo is a good deal. There's nothing else at that price with USB 3.0 & SATA 6.0 Gb/s. Generally you're paying well over $100 for all those features. Odd to see an 870 mobo with 8x/8x.

    The X3 440 is $6 less, not sure if you're trying to save money that badly.

    All in all, it looks pretty good.
  5. I was originally looking at mushkin black/silverlines but i didnt see any mushkin on the qvl :/ And ya i seen the 440 figured 7$ was worth an extra 100mhz without me having to do anything to it. Thank you coldsleep that was the kind of comments im looking for :P btw pizza neither of them boards are crossfire able
  6. I wouldn't worry about the QVL too much. That's just RAM that they have bothered to test (or were paid to test). There wouldn't be much point in being an independent manufacturer if that wasn't the case. :)

    In general, almost any RAM should work in any motherboard, assuming you're putting DDR3 in DDR3, and you're not overvolting (1.7V with a new Intel CPU that can only take 1.65V, etc.).
  7. Ya i know its not limited to the qvl but theres not a single mushkin on there which kinda concerned me. I think ill order in the next hour or so just do some more reading around before i do. Wanted to get the order in early enough today so it shows up the same day as my monitor. I just know once i order a deal will come up for something i was more interested in lol

    Quick edit found a good review for the 445 using the 870 and ripjaws cl7 with no issues. Even had a sapphire 5770 which i will be using so went through with the order 267$ Im sure ill be back here when it all arrives and gets put together :)
  8. Good luck with the build!

    I'd attribute no Mushkin RAM being on the QVL as something to do with business (no relationship, competing in some other area, or something like that), rather than any technical issues. But if you feel better buying something on the QVL, by all means, go for it.
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