Should I buy a 256G instead of 128G SSD?

I found a Samsung 830 128G for $90. Should I grab it, or get 256G instead for more than double the price?

Here is my system and usage:

CPU: i5-2400
Memory: Corsair 4GB x 2 @ 1333MHz
Graphics: EVGA GTX 560 Ti 448
HDD: Samsung F3 500GB SATA 3
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

Current HDD free capacity : ~260 GB
Usage: Game 60%, Streaming Video 20%, Internet browsing 10%, MS Office 10%
Game: On steam - Borderlands 2, X-Com, Batman Arkham City, Skyrim, CIV V, Deux Es, Portal 1&2, Team Fortress
Not on steam - Diablo 3, Crysis
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  1. 128gig is plenty for an os and your most frequently/favorite programs/games
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    The question is: will you move Steam to the SSD? If yes, then get the big one. If not, your OS, office, messengers, browsers will fit on the smaller SSD without any hassles. Then you can use your old HDD for Steam and storage.

    I know you did not ask this, but I would recommend keeping steam on hard drive bc SSD really does not make a difference in gaming performance outside of cutting levels' loading time by 40-60%. If it bothers you THAT much then sure, use SSD for games.
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  4. getting the bigger one will mean less maintenance on dictating where progz are stored and such - u won't have to think about which drive u need to install to, better piece of mind
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