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Just wondering what the most stable settings are for overclocking a core i5 760 2.8ghz. What is the "norm", dont want some crazy Oc, just the standard (like most i3 are clocked to 4.2ghz as the norm etc)

My spec:

Core i5 760 2.6ghz
4gb Cas8 GSkill DDR3 (blue ripjaws)
Zotac H55 mini itx board
GTX 460 1gb Palit Sonic Platinum
60Gb Corsair SandForce SSD

Windows 7 64 bit Ultimate

Any help/pointers appreciated

Kind regards
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  1. ALSO forgot to mention my RAM is 1333Mhz (the most the board accepts)....
  2. Experiment and see what works best. Overclocking is all about experimenting. There are guides available. Google them.
  3. What are the generally accepted settings (then I can backtrack). Just really want an idiots guide with normal values to be used with this processor / RAM.

    Googled but nothing concrete
  4. Everything I know of overclocking i learnt from OC on my Q6600 (2.4 to 3.2 stable). Other than that....not practical application so not sure on the tolerances etc for this chip
  5. I don't think you'll be able to get a stable overclock higher than 3.5Ghz with 1333mhz R.A.M. and 4.2Ghz isn't exactly standard, it's pretty high.
  6. Might as well just leave it then. Will the h50 cooler be ok for an i5 at stock, or will I better off with a h70 (overkill?)

    In any case, i'll be getting my 980x in December so just wanted a bit of fun before then...not to be ;(
  7. The H50 is fine although if you want to do a bit more research into different heatsinks check this website out:
  8. Got the case now. SUGO 3 (the new revision) will need to see what fits. Thinking H70 (newer so any kinks would be worked out)...if not the h50 will be going in.

    Not overclocking, just want to reduce the temp range on my CPU, keep idle and max in a 10 degree range, instead of 30
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