A complete waste or not? Phenom x4 9500

Hey i have an old Siemens Scaleo P desktop with an AMD690vm-FMH motherboard (AM2 socket)
it is currently running an AMD athlon 64 x2 5000+ windsor cpu
Would it be a complete waste to upgrade to an AMD phenom x4 9500?
how much of a boost will it give me in games?
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  1. I wouldn't bother with that CPU. It will be slower in some games, faster in some other games.
  2. The Phenom X4 9500 was the original model with the TLB defect.
    Like mosox said it will perform slower in some games but would perform faster with quad core optimized games.It will however take advange of some multicore (4 core) optimized applications.The Phenom X4 9550 is the fixed version without the defect.
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