Secondary SATA Drive Will Not Allow Boot

My secondary hard drive returns an "error auto-sensing secondary drive" message and will not allow my computer to boot up. The size of the secondary drive shows up in the BIOS as unknown. If I disable the secondary drive, the computer boots just fine. I took it to a friend of mine and it will not allow his computer to boot when he plugged it in to his either. I am sure this is bad. Is there any way to get my data off of the drive? I have a Dell Dimension E510 and just added this hard drive about 6 months ago. The hard drive brand is Magnetic Data Technologies.
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  1. Where did you get an MDT drive? I haven't seen them around for like 7 or 8 years, and most that I saw were re-branded Western Digital drives. Yes, it sounds like the drive is dead -- MDT drives had a terrible reputation years ago and AFAIK the company is long gone.
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