My gaming rig based on the NZXT M59

I've been hearing a lot of guff about the NZXT M59 about it being sucky, and I must say, this case is PHENOMENAL. Here are some pictures of my gaming rig, full specs include:

-NZXT M59 Case

-Motherboard is a Gigabyte MA790X-UD4P

-Phenom II 720 x3 BE OCed @ 3.7GHz with 1.45V

-4GB's of OCZ gold 800MHz memory OCed to 863MHz at 2.00V

-2 AMD 5750's overclocked @ 850MHz core and 1300Mhz mem

-1st 5750 is an Asus EAH5750 Formula
-2nd 5750 is a Sapphire 5750

-HDD's include a 750GB Western Digital and an 80GB Excelstar
Liteon Bluray disc player

-Sunbeam 6 fan speed controller

Cooling subsystem includes:

-Swiftech MCR320 radiator with 3x 120mm fans

-Enzotech SCW-REV.A CPU Waterblock
-Swiftech MCRES Micro Rev. 2 Reservoir
-OCZ Hydro Pulse Water Pump 800 @ 800 L/hr
-3/8in Tygon tubing

Not bad for 60-70 dollar case eh? With a little bit of modding and elbow grease, I was able to squeeze an MCR320 radiator INSIDE the chassis ;)

Let me know your thoughts on my build, been running smooth as ice for half a year, been meaning to upload these pictures but havent had time. Let the praises, criticizing, comments, suggestions commence!!

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  1. Solid looking build... Very nice water cooling setup. However, I would rather seen you spend less on water cooling setup and more on your GPU's. The ATI 5750's aren't the best of graphics cards by today's standards.

    Still a good build... You just need to add a SSD and up your GPU's for an even better setup!
  2. Thanks for the feedback tecmo!

    Yes.. Although I love my liquid cooling setup, I would trade it in a second for more powerful GPUs. Sure, once theyre overclocked, their value shows but still.. A singe 5870 would be alot better. :(
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