Can CM silent pro 500w handle crossfire 4890 ?

My pc specifications:

corei7 920
Asrock x58 extreme
Ram 3x1gb cas 9
PSU CM silent pro 500w

I read in my PSU specs that it can perform at its peak about 620w so can it run crossfire 4890 ? does it offer stability to the whole system ?

Infos + answers are appreciated
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    no, of course not.

    get at least a TX750 or greater even though you might not need that much power. Its better to have more than not have enough.
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  3. you have your answer already, but this made me lol.

    my CM extreme power Plus 650w couldn't actually power ONE 4890 adequately.

    but yeah, +1 to Ovrclkr's suggestion. a Tx750 will do the job nicely.
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