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Hi everybody

I'm all-new to this site, but now I'm in real trouble. Some years back I was quite the hardware enthusiast and had it all down, but as the years passed my knowledge diminished. Now two weeks ago I decided to built a new computer, because my old one was just too damn old and slow (4 years old P4-based computer). I got on the internet and ordered the following items:

ASUS Rampage II Extreme RoG motherboard
Core i7 920 processor
OCZ Platinum 3 x 2 GB DDR3 1333 MHz PC3-10666 CL7 RAM blocks
Corsair Hydro Series H5O water cooling system
XFX Radeon HD5870 1 GB GDDR5 graphics card

I decided to re-use the hard drives and dvd drive fro my old computer, even though the dvd drive was an IDE-drive. Anyway, I spent about a day or so assembling all the items in the correct way. The first time around I didn't insert the ram blocks in the correct slots (there are some weird rules about not using any slots numbered 1 if there's less than four ram blocks). But after everything was assembled properly I did a fresh installation of Windows 7. I installed all relevant drivers and then proceeded to install StarCraft 2. Everything was fine for now. But after an hour or so my computer suddenly froze completely. Thinking it would be only temporary, I waited about five minutes. But since nothing happened and even the mouse pointer had frozen, I rebooted the computer. The problem is that this keeps happening. It can happen from anywhere between two minutes and several hours before it happens, but it WILL happen at some point. I don't think it has kept running for more than four hours before freezing. So far I have not discovered a pattern between my activity on the computer and the freezing. It can happen during a graphically intense game, a processor-intense game or even during idling on the desktop with nothing but windows running. I tried looking in the log files, but I'm not that good at deciphering the events listed in there. All I could tell was that it didn't list any fatal errors before freezing.

Do any of you guys have any idea about what might be the problem here? I should mention that I sometimes get a BSOD saying a clock interrupt was not received on a secondary core, but I do not know if it's related to the problem I'm describing above.
Please, any help will be greatly appreciated :)
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  1. You are describing classic heat/PSU problems. First things, first. Were you able to update Win 7? Are you running current drivers, particularly for the GPU? What devices do you have water cooled and what is air cooled? Is your BIOS up to date? Are you OCing anything? If you OCing, stop until you stabilize the system.

    If Windows is not current, run Windows Update and update everything. If the BIOS isn't current, update it. You should have sufficient power.

    What case are you using and do you have case fans installed to pull cool air in and to push hot air out of the case? Even with water cooling, you still need some air cooling to keep the rest of the system happy.

    Lots of questions, but should help narrow down the problems. Good luck!
  2. Hey COLGeek, thanks for the quick reply :)

    Yes, I've been able to update win7. I've installed all available updates so far. Same goes for drivers, where I've installed all the newest drivers available for all my system components. I checked if there were a newer BIOS available, but my BIOS update software said that the BIOS I had installed was the newest. That actually confused me a little, since it seemed that there was a newer one on ASUS' homepage. But I'm not sure if I should trust the ASUS BIOS updater or ASUS' homepage on that matter.

    The only thing water-cooled is my CPU, which maintains a very stable temperature of about 40 degrees celsius (I'm european). I'm using the Thermaltake Bach VX cabinet with all pre-installed fans powered. The main difference being that I used the back-side fan to cool my radiator, but it is still sucking air out of my cabinet, while I have a front fan that sucks cool air into the cabinet.

    Lastly I am not OC'ing (that I know of). The BIOS has a lot of OC features, but so far as I could tell, none of them are enabled, although it is a little bit confusing with all those OC settings set to "auto" and no option called "off" or "no OC" or something like that.

    Hope this helps narrow down the list of possible problems :)
  3. How are the temps on the GPU? You can download GPU-Z on the net to get the info if you don't already have an app to monitor it. We should be able to track down the problem.
  4. GPU temps does not seem to be a problem. I just downloaded and logged the temp for both GPU and CPU. It seems that while my GPU did not go over 50 degrees, my CPU exceeded 90 degrees for core 0, while the three other cores were approaching 80 degrees when my computer froze. Could that actually be my problem? If so, then what would you propose I did to fix it. The water cooler should be able to keep the temp way lower than that.
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    Yes, your CPU is the problem. That is WAY too hot. I recommend you carefully remove and reset the heatsink. Check you instructions VERY carefully. Also, verify that your pump is actually pumping.
  6. Okay, thanks :) I will do that. How can I verify that my pump is pumping? I just connected it to the motherboard, like the instructions told me to.
  7. I tried moving the pump's power connector to a different outpu (from chassis fan to power fan) and then went on to test the temps. I tried viewing a movie in fullscreen, while checking temp and seeing if the radiator got any warmer. However after only 41 degrees (which is basically the initial temp) my computer froze again. And after rebooting and retrying the test it froze yet again. Still without temps rising above anything considered normal. I'm really confused now :(
  8. You should connect the CPU heatsink/pump to the CPU fan connector (usually the one closest to the CPU itself. Are you positive that you have a good, solid mounting onto the CPU?

    If you have a regular heatsink, try it to see what happens.
  9. The manual for my water cooling system says that the radiator fan should be connected to cpu fan header and the pump should be connected to any available 3-pin fan header. I'm pretty sure that I have a solid mounting, but I do not have any thermal paste left, so if I remove the cold plate, I won't be able to put it back on once I've tried the stock fan out.

    I will try and get a hold of some thermal paste, so I can make the switch and see what happens. But I'm still very confused since the temp didn't rise the last two times it froze.
  10. Understood on both points. Based on the issues you have been having. It is possible that the temp sensor for your CPU is having problems, but not likely.

    Check the air cooled HSF when you can and see what happens.
  11. I have solved my computer problems now! (and just in time for a big lan party!)

    It would appear that I actually had two problems. My heatsink might not have been mounted properly on the cpu, which of course would make it too hot. I'm not sure in this one, though. I tried removing it and, out of lazyness, applied some high-grade thermal paste and mounted the pump head once more. Problem seemed to stay. I noticed a small change, though. The computer would lock up, not after a definite uptime or cpu temp, but every time i tried connecting to my WLAN via my Linksys WMP300N. I did some searching from my laptop and it appeared that, even though I had installed a Windows 7 driver, it was not compatible with Windows 7 64bit. Fortunately the chipset on my wireless adapter (an Atheros chipset) WAS supported and after removing the linksys driver and installing the atheros driver, it all wnet in order. My computer have not failed ONCE since I did this driver isntall. It has never run as smoothly and now I can really appreciate the time and effort (and money) I put into this machine :D

    I will mark your reply as best answer for your great help and effort in guiding me, though I guess I will never know if it was one or both of the problems that I was experiencing (the weird thing was that I had previously been able to connect to my WLAN without the machine locking up).

    But anyway, thanks a million for all your help, COLGeek, I really appreciated it :)
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