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So I'm building a new pc completely from scratch. new mobo/cpu/HDD/SSD etc.. anyways got win 8 pro, didn't realize at all that it was the upgrade. Not really the porblem since I have both Win 7 and win XP SP3. However the real issue is that I want to keep 7 as is, but I figured since I have the xp sp3 doing nothign but gathering dust I (now this is my question) can I upgrade my older xp pc to win 8, then transfer ultimately to SSD from the older WD 40 pin hdd? I wont mind if i need to go from 40 pin to SATA then to SSD. is it even feasable? I mean since my HDD are all SATA and the new intel SSD is SATA 3 i could skip the hdd right? Any help would be nice.
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  1. If you are asking whether you can clone your OS from an IDE drive to an SSD, I would say that while it might be possible, it would not be a good idea. It is always best to do a fresh installation to an SSD rather than to clone from a HDD. IMO it is a different story going from a small SSD to a larger one, cloning works fine and I do it all the time.

    While your new Intel SSD will hold your OS, key data, and programs, you will still want a HDD attached (after you install the OS to the SSD with your motherboard in AHCI sata mode) for storage.

    I hope that you like Windows 8, personally I don't and will stay with 7. I do, however run a bunch of virtual machines using VMWare Workstation, including XP and Windows 8 so that I can help my user base with issues giving a step by step since most are not computer knowledgeable.
  2. I dislike Win 8 as well. but, as with all newer OS (except Vista) they get better and more respected over time, I planned on doing a clean install with Win 8 but where i got my disk its almost not worth it to take it back, and I cant find for the life of me just a wato start fresh with this OS. So i figured I might be able to 'cheat' a little clone my os to a sata hdd and begin win 8 as an upgrade to win 8 pro. make sense?
  3. I understand what you want to do, cloning from a HDD to a HDD is much more feasible, I like to start an SSD off fresh, although my first SSD was a clone from a RAID 0 pair of Raptors to an Intel X25-M when they were brand new and $400 for 80Gb. :)

    I've used Ghost 15, True Image, or the free EaseUS Todo Backup to clone drives, all without much problem. I clone to an initially unpartitioned drive and do the SRP (system reserved partition) first then the OS drive. I really cannot give tips on cloning Windows 8 since I haven't done it yet, but I would imagine that it is very similar to 7 and should not be a big deal, however a quick Google of cloning Windows 8 returns mostly horror stories about OS issues after the clone. Trying to save an hour may cost may hours in the end.
  4. What i've researched so far, is that I have a 69.99 windows 8 pro disk, and will be able to just get it from there. So i might not have to worry about transfering my old OS. idk yet, I just don't want to buy another windows 7 or xp jsut to upgrade to 8. seems dumb to me.
  5. You don't have to buy another old version, that would be dumb.

    At least with respect to Windows 7 you could do a clean install even though you had an update version and then do a telephone activation if online activation didn't work. MS never hassled me on many of those. I would imagine that Windows 8 will be a similar thing, but it is too new to have a long history that you can search, but there is one good step by step for doing this:
  6. i really appreciate your help. I'm always using these forums and decided to join. Thank you. I've already read that link. but unfortunately, my purchase is the physical disk. so gathering an ISO to boot from isn't seemingly possible. My next guess is to possibly call microsoft, see what they say. I wish there was a purchase for a full windows 8 OS from Microsoft. that would solve my problem.
  7. I would research it a bit, usually you can do a clean install for upgrade versions and then enter your key. As a first step, I would try using your disk to make an installable USB stick and try a clean install:
  8. Im building an ISO of it now, ill let you know how it goes
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