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Hi all,

I recently tried to create a SWAP partition for my phone using my SD Micro SD card and Minitool Partition but stumbled upon a fatal error. I have created a 512 MB partition, but I have left the remaining 31.5 GB as a logical drive (quite possibly a RAW file system) instead of a primary one and now I think have rendered it inaccessible. Now the disk shows up as 512 MB when connected to my computer or used in my phone, and the remaining 31.5 GB is gone. I have no data on the card, so all I have to lose is the card itself, so I'm willing to use any measures to restore the lost space.

I have tried quite a few pieces of software like Minitool Power Data recovery, EaseUS and others but none of them managed to find the lost partition. I have used the partition recovery wizards in these applications but it didn't seem to work. Perhaps I need a different tool for this? I have also tried SD card formatting tools with no luck to restore the missing space.

Any advice on this topic is much appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance.
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  1. Thanks for the reply, but I don't think you've read my post properly. I do not have anything stored on the SD card, but it reads as 512 MB instead of the original 32 GB (29.2 GB usable) capacity, due to a messed up partition. I do not need software to recover data, I need software to restore the size of the card if possible.
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