Errors in my new My Passport

I ran chkdsk on my brand new My Passport hard drive checking for errors, and bad sectors. After the test ended it gave "Some problems were found and fixed". How could that happen in a new hard drive?

Here are the test results:

I ran the test later but without checking the box "Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors" it gave no errors were found.

Something strange also happened, when I compared the SMART results before the first test and after, I found the values of the "raw read error rate" changed, here are the details:

Also the used space on the drive changed slightly (increased) after the test, though the size of all the data inside did not.

I later ran the "Complete drive test" on "WD Drive utilities" more SMART values changed, like "Seek error rate" and "Write error rate"

Is there something wrong with the drive I should worry about?

Another matter is that the hard drive model shows: (WD10JMVW-11S5XS0) though the model is supposed to be: (WDBBEP0010BBK-EESN).

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  1. Any One ??
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    The initial normalised attribute values of 253 obviously reflect the initial state of a virgin drive. It is only after the drive has begun seeking and reading and writing that enough statistical data are accumulated in order for these attribute values to become meaningful. In short, there is nothing wrong.

    As for the CHKDSK error, it appears that there was an inconsistency between the drive's actual free space and the map of free clusters in the $BITMAP metafile. NTFS relies on the information in the $BITMAP to allocate disc space to new files, and it also updates the $BITMAP after deleting files.

    In short, I see nothing to worry about.

    BTW, "WD10JMVW-11S5XS0" is the model number of the drive within the enclosure whereas "WDBBEP0010BBK-EESN" is the model number of the complete external product.
  3. As usual a very well informed answer. Thanks fzabkar...

    Well what about the changing in used space values? Each time I run the test the value of the used space increases some 4kb - 8kb. Specially when running the CHKDSK, when I ran the WD drive utilities', and the WD data life guard's extended tests nothing changes, only the SMART values keep shifting from 200 to 253 and vice versa, but not the used space.
    Another thing, Is it normal to see the LED light of the hard drive from the opening in the top right of the casing?
  4. I can't answer your questions about used space, but you can see the LED in the set of photos in the following thread:

    This photo shows it best:

    It is located to the left of the 12-pin header at the bottom left of the photo.
  5. Thanks fzabkar for your reply..

    I know where the LED light is... What is unusual is should the casing leak any of that light from the top surface of the casing, (other than where it should be to the right of port)??
  6. I think it's just cosmetic. Nothing to worry about.
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  8. Thanks a lot fzabkar, your assistance is really appreciated..
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