Radeon HD 5830 vs Radeon HD 4850 x2 (Crossfire)


I am looking to build a gaming PC to hook up to a 42" LCD Tv. I am stuck on which video card to add to my system.

Two Radeon HD 4850's out peform the 5830 on benchmarking websites. However, Radeon HD 5830 is Direct X11 compatible whereas the 4850 model is only Direct X10.1 compatible.

Which video card would be best for my setup? Do I need the two video cards to enjoy good gaming graphics on a large screen? Will the Radeon HD 5830 handle my needs?

-Scuba Steve
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  1. the size of the screen doesn't matter, the resolution does (i am assuming 1080P)

    the 2 x 4850's will be more powerful, though if they only have 512MB of video memory then they might slow down real bad with AA and AF on in games, if they are the 1GB models then you should be fine

    though you could always spring for a 5850, cheapest is ~$280
  2. Yes, you are correct it is 1080P.

    The 2 x 4850's are 1GB models. They run at $90.00 a piece. So basically a total of $180.00. I'm assumming I would have to shell out more for an appopriate mobo and power supply. So let's say an additionaly $30-60 to acquire what I need. Is it worth having two cards of a lesser value compared to the 5850? Do I gain some sort of viewing advantage having two cards?

    Here is a benchmark of the HD Radeon 5850 vs. 2 x 4850 vs. 5770.


    It seams like the 2 x 4850 fairs well against the 5850 and it costs less. I've never built a system before, and I am just unsure which path to take. I'm open to suggestions. Price is not necessarily an option, but I'm not breaking the bank to build an epic system.
  3. the advantage you gain is a lower price for the cards, though for a decent crossfire mobo you are looking at ~$110 and a good PSU would be the Corsair 650TX (or antec, seasonic 650w as well, there is a list) which would be another $100 or so. In reality you would want this as well if you got the 5850 so you have the ability to crossfire down the road.

    The disadvantage to 2 x 4850's over the 5850, is you can't just add another in down the line, you would have to replace the cards with either a single card or multiple cards
  4. I wouldn't jump into Crossfire straight away, it leaves you with a very limited upgrade option, I would suggest going for the HD5850 if your after HD4850x2 performance.

    The HD5850 uses less power than 2 x HD4850's, is DX11 compatible and you could add another in the future if you wanted.
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