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Hey, I'm thinking of replacing my netbook with something with a bit more grunt.

I've looked at laptops with intel i3 and i5 cpus and am struggling to determine the difference between some of them.

The main one I'm interested in is the i3 370m which has the following specs: 2.4GHz, 3MB cache, 35W, 2 cores and DDR3 RAM.

Upon looking at the i5 520U and 520E it appears to have identical specs to the i3.

Is it worth paying more for an i5 laptop? What, if any, are the differences between these cpus?
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  1. what will the main use be for?
  2. mostly office and multimedia. Not gaming, although the laptops I have in mind do have discrete graphics too.

    Just want a pretty speedy machine that can handle multi-tasking well.
  3. Go with the i3.
  4. If the systems are all identical besides the processor, I say get the ccheapest. All are a major improvemtn ove any processor found in a netbook. And the differences between each of the processors you listed are minor and not noticable to you.
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