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Windows 7 freezing on SSD install

hello folks

Just reformatted my computer over to make a main SSD drive . INstalled windows 7 .. did all updates
Once i have my games installed and everything going.
The computer will lock up after 20-40 mins sometimes when i dont do anything
It will not lock up when i am gaming. but when i am browsing or anything else on the main screen.
It locks up and after 15mins restarts .
When it starts to lock up i push crt alt delete and it shows perparing security options. and it freeezes there

I already did a full system scan system sweeper off a usb and no virus
I HAVE No virus's
I tried different graphics drivers
i did a sfc /scannow and nothing bad showed up
i put windows 7 disc in to do repairs and nothing bad showed up.
i7-940 3.0g
12gigs ddr 3 1600
2 5870s ati
2tb and 60gb ssd
asus motherboard
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    Make sure the Firmware on the SSD is up to date. Many SSD's require Firmware updates as the technology is still new. If it requires the update apply it and likely the bad thing will go away.
  2. Hey thanks

    I think its fixed.. computer running faster to..

    Did the firmware adata upgrade
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