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What I don't understand is that lately, all websites including Tom's Hardware are using the new Intel 6 core processor in their test and they all seem to be using RAM frequencies over the 1333 mhz levels whereas the i7 980x will automatically downclock the frequencies to 1066 and the user has to overclock to 1333. And thats the max the processor will allow and the processor will not allow anything over the 1333 mhz barrier. And I see companies using 1600, 1800 & 2000 mhz ram in their benchmarking test whether it be a game or software benchmark.


They all should use the ram matched in frequency speed the processor will allow at its maxed settings.

Is Intel telling lies to the community?

We'll their processor accept RAM frequencies over the 1333 mhz threshold and utilize it to its fullest capacity?

What are they not telling us?

Please Tom's Hardware, can you investigate this further and let your great community know the true facts about this?

Thank you for your time and cooperation in this matter.

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  1. There's nothing to investigate. You are seeing the difference between Intel recommendations and what will actually work with selected RAM in selected motherboards.
  2. Save your money and get the low end stuff by reputable companies such as corsair, crucial, kingston, or hynix (samsung). I've never paid a premium for high end ram; most of it only runs over spec with extra voltage. 1.65 volts is the maximum recommended setting for Intel boards. I bought some old 1066 ddr3 cheap and can run it at 1333 when the cpu is overclocked without raising the voltage. It's safer and cheaper than paying for high end ram and hoping it will run at the stated timings when overclocked.
  3. O.K. Thank you. I always trust the people at Tom's Hardware. They seem to be so intuned with everything. What a great trustworthy community.

    Peace and happy holidays.
  4. I wouldn't say never. I did join a few years ago but never gotten any replies from any of my posts. So I kind of faded away. But then I just recently joined up again and have been getting great replies to my posts. I do search around all over the website and forums and read other peoples opinions which do help me get a better understanding of my needs.

    I love interacting with people on the forums. This is how I learn to not make mistakes and learn from others who have made mistakes.
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