Dual monitor video card dell optiplex 755

I need a video card to run dual monitors on a dell optiplex 755.
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  1. Thanks very much I appreciate your help
  2. Quote:
    mini-tower, desktop or sff (small form factor).?
    all three have different power supplies and you might have more options if using the mini-tower.
  3. I need a video card to run dual monitors on a dell optiplex 755 SFF.
  4. Do you have a price range?

    This would be the most powerful card you will be able to run on your system you are limited by two things size and the power supply which is only 275 watts.

  5. Upgrading Video
    Correction - mid tower Cabinet- Two monitor requirement-No gaming requirements- remote desktop to server running 1600 x 1200 res on the remote desktop. Any less res or more will not fit on the screen completely or in a window on the local screen. If we could match the resolution of the remote screen i believe we would be very happy. Cost is a factor. Thanks for your help.
  6. Quote:
    where you are located and your price range.?

    First one on the left in the picture
    Cheyenne WY
    100 dollar or less
  7. with cost being a factor according to OP and no gaming than
    really a HD4650 would be fine for driving two monitors at that res.
    really even a 4350 would be ok.
    the 5670 and gt240 are far superior cards but a little overkill
    can pick up a 4650 for $40 bucks or so
    also depends on connections on monitors (dual vga would be harder to find than
    vga and dvi for example)
  8. Check the AMD ATI (or Sapphire) 2450 PCIe 16x multi-monitor card. Search forum for my note on this -- specifically for the Optiplex 755. I'm driving four monitors from this card (plus the onboard makes five). FF and PS seem to be fine.
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