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I just finished building a new system. Here's the specs:

Mobo: Gigabyte ga-x58a-ud3r
CPU: 17-930
HDD: Samsung f3 spinpoint 1tb
GPU: Gtx 460

When I put the machine together it worked and went into BIOS setup. I moved to the boot order so it boots from cd first, disabled the floppy drive since I don't have one, then switched everything from IDE to AHCI. I also enabled usb mouse and usb keyboard to work in dos mode.

After that I tried to install windows 7 from the DVD, and now it doesn't work. When I boot up it flashes a quick screen that says no drives detected and then goes to the screen that says disk boot failure, instert system dvd and press enter, but I can't press enter because the keyboard doesn't work.

and when I try to boot with the windows 7 disk already in I get "The file is possibly corrupt. The file checksum doesn't match the computed checksum."

I already tried clearing the bios by pressing the button on the back.

Any ideas? Should I try taking out the battery on the motherboard?
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  1. I plugged in an old non-usb keyboard and that worked, so I went into bios and reset it to default fail safes.

    Now I'm no longer getting any errors on startup but I still can't install windows 7. Whenever I try using the dvd I keep getting the disk boot error, insert system dvd and press enter. But when I press enter it just replays the mesage.

    I also tried installing windows via usb but the same message appears.
  2. It sounds like your DVD drive may be acting up. Perhaps it has some kind of laser issue. Either that or the Win 7 DVD itself has an issue. Try swapping out your DVD drive. Also try booting off your Win 7 DVD on another PC without actually doing more than seeing if setup will start. This may help emininate any hardware issues.
  3. What version of windows 7 is it? Is it a burned copy?

    Try disabling all the other boot devices, except for the DVD drive.
  4. Do you have an original Windows 7 DVD?
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