Clean install vs. Clone/relation with content on other drives.

Hello all, I have a few storage questions mainly regarding SSD's, namely if I would be better off doing a clean install or clone it, and if so how a clean install would relate with content on my other drives. Currently I have an ancient 90GB boot drive and I have all my games and files like that stored on a separate 2TB drive. I also recently picked up a 3TB Seagate Barricuda from Amazon during Black Friday. I have heard that Windows would act funny if I did a clean install on a new drive and then tried to integrate files from a different hard drive into the system.

I don't mind doing a clean install if it'd result in better performance overall, but I'm wondering what that would do to my 2TB that is currently storing all my games.

Thank you.
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  1. You have to reinstall your programs if you do a clean install. You are better off doing a clean install even though you have to reinstall programs.

    Can you be more specific, are you going to use a new SSD? And at the same time you are going to go to a new storage drive, the 3Tb? It depends on what you are doing with the OS drive, but you may want to keep the storage drive the same until you get the re-install done depending on what you do with the OS drive.

    More details would help.
  2. Currently I'm getting a new SSD for the boot drive and primary programs, things like that. I will be keeping my steam library on my 2TB, where all my games are currently installed. However the actual steam program is on my current boot drive. The 3TB is just supplementary storage on top of all that. My question is how would windows interact with my 2TB that has all my games on it if I do a totally clean install. I presume I would have to purge them and reinstall everything?

    Also why would it be best to do a clean install?
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    STEAM files are unlike others, and will work fine -- most others need a reinstall.

    If you already have an SSD you can do a clone to a new SSD with pretty good reliability. You can use many programs, I usually use Ghost 15, True Image, or the free program EaseUS Todo Backup.

    If you go from a HDD to an SSD for the OS a clean reinstall is much easier, but SSD to SSD not so much.
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