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ASUS M4A785-M Motherboard - AMD 785G Socket, AM2+, MicroATX, HDMI, USB 2.0, PCIe, has an Integraded ATI HD Radeon 4200 512MB... and im going to fit a new card in it, i was wondering if a Nvidia 9500 GT would work with it, since it has Hybrid Transfering something, -Links
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  1. Being a single slot motherboard, you can run the Nvidia card as a descrete card without issues. Just don't install the ATI onboard graphics drivers, just install your Nvidia drivers.

    I would think about going with the XFX HD467XZDF2 Radeon HD 4670 - 1GB GDDR2, instead (Same price but more powerful).
  2. Thanks il use the ATI Card instead :P

    is that a decent 500$ budget rig? Im looking for something that could play Arma2\Arma :] If you guys know better, please say, but from tigerdirect please, or any other trustable site, that uses VISA, not paypal thanks.
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    It is not a decent rig... sorry :(

    I would look to make these changes:
    CPU: Athlon II X3 440 (The older Phenom's are not very good compared to the newer AM3's)

    HDD: Seagate 7200.12 500GB (Higher capacity and faster for a little more)

    PSU: Corsair VX550W (This is one area you don't want to skimp at with a low grade cheap power supply.

    I would look at come to compare your build to see if you can get it cheaper (they have better combo deals!!)
  5. Thanks, il check for better, and stuff tigerdirect dont have :)
  6. Btw, i dont know too much about whats good or not, im 12, and this is the first time i ever pick what i could get, could you guys give me what you would go with in a 500$ budget?
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  8. 1) Thanks for the best answer nod :)

    2) I see what I can come up with for a build at $500. It might not be till tomorrow though.

    3) For a 12 year-old, you didn't do that bad for a starting point (better than I would've at 12, but than again I was kicking it with an Atari at that age :D ). Review my "Step-byStep" guide in my signature to help you through the build process, if need be when the time comes.
  9. Thanks alot, i started out by taking my computer apart...and putting back together then i just kept doing it, and i want to build a new one, i have an old P4 2.88GHz HT, ATI 9200 AGP x8, 1024MB DDr2, not sure what my motherboard is though...hah.
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