Xeon of PC?

hello everyone i was recently the victim of a faulty power supply that also killed my motherboard. i've just started the process of building another system. I just had some questions that just popped in my head

1. could i use a Xeon processor with my pc?

2. should i use a geforce 9800GX2 or 2 gtx 260's

3. Is it worth it to jump from ddr2 1066mhz to ddr3 1066mhz
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  1. 1. you didnt list any specs, but yes you can (for a substantial premium) use xeons for personal computing

    2. I'd say the 260s only because they are closer to the top of the tech ladder, but choose what suits your budget

    3. no, unless you are going through a whole generation change
  2. 1. Xeon's are best suited for a multi processor workstation/server setup.. If you are building a single processor everyday use and/or gaming pc, going for a xeon setup will become costly.. Best to stick to desktop processors in that scenario..

    2. There are newer video cards available.. Might want to check them out first..

    3. There will be no real world performance improvements.. Its just that most current platform motherboards require DDR3 ram modules..
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