Asus 5830 and OCZ psu combo to start my build

Does this look like a good deal?

It's an asus 5830 and a OCZ 700w psu for $219 after rebates.

I'm not quite ready to buy my entire computer yet, but I was thinking I could buy the graphics card now and pop it into my current system for a little upgrade before I purchase the new cpu. I'm currently running an Athalon 64 x2 2.0ghz on this mobo

So first off the combo looks like a killer deal, I know the 5830 gets a bit worse performance than a 1gb GTX 460, but it's cheaper and I only have a 22 in lcd so I will probably play at 1650x1080 most of the time.

Second, will this card run in my current setup? It seems like such a good deal I might just buy it to hold onto anyway, but it would be sweet if I could run it now, then build the new computer in a month or two. Planning to do a AMD phenon 2 x4 945 or 955 setup at that time.
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    Actually looks like OCZ is running a lot of combo deals. I could go 100w light on the psu and get a gigabyte gtx460 1gb for $30 more, or keep the exact same psu with the gigabyte gtx 460 for $45 more. Really don't know what direction to go here.
  2. To ms5555 - Hello there! By way of your specs in your current computer - you should have no trouble running the video card, but you will need to install the new power supply with it as well, most 5830 cards require a minimum of 500w psu and 2 6-pin connectors. You might take a look at the MSI Twin FrozrII 5830, In my opinion it is one of the best in that line, it has a WIDE range for overclocking ability with its dual massive fans and heatpipe system, as well as military grade capacitors and you can change the volatge on it with its software, in reality you can make the 5830 perform better than a 5850. Hope this info helps you. Here is a link to MSI website for the 5830.
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