I currently have 2 xfx 4770's in CF and im looking to upgrade and was wondering if a EVGA 260 216 core would be a good choice (i can get it for cheap from a friend) or should i just go straight to the 460.

o ya and im selling these two xfx 4770's for 75 each or 130 together if anyone is interested in them.
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  1. Depends what 'cheap' is... if cheap is $50, then, I'd suggest yo udo taht!

    If he wants like $100 for it, you're betting off just spending $200 on a 460
  2. Assuming your motherboard is Crossfire only, I'd get a CF HD5770 configuration. It'll be more expensive than a GTX460, but it'll offer much more performance.
  3. I guess your current setup would perform better compared to a single HD 5770 or GTX 260.. If you want to upgrade then i recommend you jump up straight to something like the GTX 470.. You wont notice a significant difference otherwise..
  4. Crossfired HD4770s should actually perform fairly similarly to a GTX 460. It will only be worth it if you OC the hell out the GTX 460. Really I would be looking at an HD5850 or GTX 470 as the starting point for a worthwhile upgrade from what you have now.
  5. If you get the GTX 460, you will have decrease in performance; if you get the 460 you will have almost the same performance as your current setup.
  6. ^+1 for jyjjy.
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