Got a new router, but not getting the speed i should

Ok today I just bought a NETGEAR router: WNR3500L . I know for a fact that my modem has a gb connection speed ability and so does my new router. When I got my MODEM a while back, it says the bottom light will be blue for when the local connection is a GB and when it's not a GB it will be green. Ok I have my router and modem plugged in. I'm looking at my modem it has a blue light. So it says it's on a GB connection. I go to view my local connection, and it says it only 100 mbs. I know if I hook up my computer I'll get GB connection, but I have other things that need the internet.

I'm running:

Win 7 64bit
ISP comcast
MODEM : Motorola SURFboard SB6120 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem


I want my connection speed to be 1 Gb/s. Both modem and router are capable of it. But computer is only showing 100 mb/s in my local connection status.
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  1. what about your network card... is it have gigabyte support or 100MBbs .. give some details of your Ethernet card.
  2. It has two lan ports 10/100/1000

    This link is my motherboard.
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