I have lost drivers for my a-data classic C802 8GB flash drive how do i reenter

i have accidently formatted my flash drive its an a-data classic C802 8GB one. when it is in my computer win xp service pack 3 it says to insert a disk now and says the same on win 7 how do i reload the tools on it to use it again
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  1. I would try reformatting the drive again.
  2. runswindows95 said:
    I would try reformatting the drive again.

    I have tried that a few times already and it keeps telling me there is no disk in drive E: and to insert a disk into drive E: which it is known as on my computer all i did was accidently format it but i could not go into it once i restarted the computer it shows up as removable disk e: in my computer but i cant get into it to reformat it or save anything to it
    thanks for your input if u have any more idears please do tell
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