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My friend contacted me to help him fix a problem he was having with his monitor go black on him the screen is still lite up but up in top left theres a little box with around 5 circles and it switches from saying analog and digital and the power light starts blinking. I updated his drivers and it worked for around 2 days then started doing it again. He has 64 bit vista and it lasts about 1 min after logging in that it goes black. Right now i left my graphics card in his computer and it works fine i would imagine it would be a bad GPU but it worked fine for the last year and worked fine for those 2 days after we updated the drivers...So im just wondering what it could be? is his card going bad or is it the monitor maybe?
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  1. If it's working with your card, then I think you are correct - his GPU is bad.
  2. Ok so my graphics card worked in his comp for about 3 days now its doing the same thing it did with his card....Im fresh out of ideas any further help would be amazing. Thank you
  3. Does your card work in your computer now? Did it get "ruined" being in his computer. See if it works in yours, if it doesn't something is killing the cards in his computer.
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