Westeren digital caviar green 1 tb board replacement

Hello, can i replace my HD board with the same board of another Same HD without effecting the Data present on my HD
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  1. Probably not. WD as well as most HD companies use several different controler chips and firmware versions across the same model drives. If the chip set and firmware are not exact you will most likely not get the drive to run. Further damage can also occur.
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    If it's an older drive, then a straight board swap may work. See the following resources for more information:

    Otherwise, if it's a newer model, then be aware that most modern HDDs store unique, drive specific "adaptive" information in a serial EEPROM chip. This chip, or its contents, needs to be transferred from patient to donor.

    The following PCB suppliers offer a firmware transfer service, either for free, or for US$10:

    I would advise that you avoid those suppliers who don't tell you that a board won't work without modification. Often they will attempt to obscure the requirement for a firmware transfer by deceptively describing their products as being "for data recovery only".

    Alternatively, if you are not adept at soldering, your local TV/AV repair shop should be able to transfer the chip for you. also offer a firmware transfer service for US$20 if you have purchased your board from a different supplier:

    Some PCBs do not have a discrete serial flash memory chip. Instead they store the adaptive data inside the Marvell MCU (the largest chip). In this case you will need a "PCB adaptation" service.

    The following PCB supplier includes such a service for free:
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