Large roundup of some tiny PSUs

Jonnyguru finally put together his round up of four Pico-PSUs, and three different power bricks he used to power them. The results are rather interesting with some of them blowing wayyy past ATX spec and with others behaving almost perfectly depending on the combination of the Pico-PSU and the power brick, i was suprised that the FSP brick was able to give them some of the most impressive results.

So does anyone have a system that they are powering with a pico PSU?
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  1. Interesting... Might be very good for a low powered HTPC & first time I've seen these.
  2. Same, i didnt realize that there were systems getting all their power from something slightly larger than a 24pin ATX connector. Granted their performance isnt great but i would say its still a pretty impressive feat of engineering.
  3. I have seen these in some all-in-1 PC's that have a separate AC-DC power adaptor or "Brick" as you call it. Never knew they were available separately.
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