List video cards you've had since your very first. Just for fun.

I remember mine was either the voodoo banshee or monster 2. Whichever came out first. Then came the Geforce 4200 TI 128meg, Then came the big jump to a 9500GT(bought this along with a whole new e5200 system to play world of warcraft at a better resolution. After the 9500 came a HD4870(returned it because it ran way too hot). Returned the 4870 got a GTX260. Then purchased a GTX470 and returned it.

Voodoo Banshee
Monster II
Geforce TI 4200 128megabyte.
Geforce 9500GT DDR2 1gb
HD 4870 1gb ddr5
GTX260 896gb ddr3
GTX470 1280 ddr5.
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  1. Ati Rage II + 3D 2MB

    Nvidia Riva TNT 2 32MB

    GeForce Ti 4600 128MB

    GeForce 6600 256MB

    GeForce 6800GS 256MB It unlocked to 6800 Ultra specs :love:

    GeForce 7600GT 512MB

    GeForce 8800GTS 320MB

    GeForce 9800GTX+ 512MB

    GeForce GTX460 1GB ( as soon as eVGA gets them more available )
  2. i'll include laptop ones

    Geforce 4 Go 420 32MB
    XFX GeForce 6800XT 256MB
    Ati Radeon x1600 Mobility
    EVGA Geforce 8800GTX 640MB
    2 x Sapphire HD 4870 1GB

    short list for me
  3. ASUS FX5200
    eVGA 7800GS
    eVGA 9800GT
    eVGA GTX260
    ASUS EAH5970

    Meh.....I sure wasted alotta $$$ LMAO
  4. Riva TNT 64 Pro
    Geforce 4 (forgot what exact the exact model
    Power Color 9250
    Asus 9550
    Power Color X1600 Pro
    Sapphire HD4550
    Gigabyte 9600GSO
    Gigabyte GTS250 OC

  5. Geforce 7650GS

    Geforce 8800GT

    Geforce 8500GT

    Geforce 7900GT

    ATI 4870

    Not really a big list thats from 2007 :/ not the first person that started pc gaming xD
  6. personal...
    Kyro II
    6800gt AGP
    7800gt... several
    8800GTS 640
    and others that I can't really remember all to be honest. a good mix though. a few newer ati's...low end. this is a tough one.
  7. -cirrus logic isa card of some sort and various other isa cards (back in the 386/486 days)
    - Diamond stealth (S3 chip) 1mb VESA local bus
    - S3 trio 64 2mb PCI
    - Nvidia Riva 128 4mb PCI (1s 3d card i have owned)
    - Nvidia TNT16mb AGP
    - Nvidia TNT2 M64 32mb AGP
    - Nvidia Geforce 2 MX 32mb AGP
    - ATI Radeon 8500 64MB AGP
    - ATI Radeon 9800XT 128mb AGP
    - Nvidia 7600GT 256mb PCI-E
    - Nvidia 8800GTS 640MB OC (this is my current card)
  8. ATI Rage
    ATI Virge/GX
    ATI Rage II
    Diamond Stealth III S540
    S3 Savage
    .. some stuff i don't remember
    ATI Radeon 9600XT
    Geforce 8600 GT
    Geforce 9600 GT
    Quadro NVS 100
    Quadro NVS 400
    Quadro FX 570

    ...pretty much a midrange selection of cards

    (Integrated graphics and mobile not included)

    Edit: maybe Nvidia MX440...I don't remember
  9. Diamond SpeedStar

    Diamond Stealth 24


    STB Velocity 128


    Voodoo3 3000

    Voodoo3 3500

    GeForce 2 GTS

    GeForce 2 MX

    An original Radeon (think the model # was either 7500 or 7200)

    GeForce 3

    GeForce 3 Ti200

    Radeon 8500

    Radeon 9700 AIW x2

    Radeon 9800 AIW

    GeForce 6200

    Radeon HD 2400

    Radeon HD 3870

    Radeon HD 4670

    There were a couple more that I dont remember.
  10. 16mb ATI Rage 128 Pro (Family PC)

    1mb Trident something

    4mb ATI 3D Rage Pro

    16mb ATI Rage 128 Ultra

    64mb PNY Nvidia Geforce4 Ti 4200

    256mb Nvidia Geforce 8600 GTS (Family PC)

    512mb Nvidia Geforce 9600M GT

    512mb HIS ATI Radeon HD 4670 IceQ Turbo

    1gb XFX ATI Radeon HD 5850 Black Edition
  11. 1. S3 savage 16mb pci
    2. vanta 32mb pci
    3. geforce 2mx 240
    4. geforce 4mx 440
    5. fx5200
    6. fx5600
    7. radeon 9600pro 128mb
    8. fx5700 256mb
    9. 7600gs agp
    10. 8600gt ddr3 256mb
    11. 9600gt ddr3 512mb
    12. hd4850 512mb
    13. hd4850 1gb
    14. 8400gs 256
    15. hd48701gb
    16. 9600gso 384mb
    17. gtx260-216 896mb
  12. Ati Rage II + 3D 2MB
    Geforce 2mx 240
    Ati 9700 Pro
    Ati HD 4550
    HD 5850
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