This fan should fit on my 8600GT?

Instead of RMAing my 8600GT (they ran out of fans and mine died) I decided to check craigslist and found this

He said he'd take 20$ for it. I see similar ones on newegg for 30-60$ so I figure it is a decent deal especially since it is new in the box. So it should fit on this card?

RMAing would cost 14$ shipping and they told me twice they had sent a replacement fan out to me before figuring out they were out of them therefore I don't trust them with my card.
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  1. Looks like the VGA cooler is compatible with 7 series PCI-E Nvidia video cards, but I since the cooler was released prior to the 8xxx series video cards being out, I can't find any mention of it being compatible.

    I would imagine that it is compatible, but I would try and double check, or just try and find another aftermarket vga cooler that is definitely compatible.

    Also, I don't trust tigerdirect at all. Use newegg, even if it's a few bucks more. (This is me giving my opinion, I know people have had plenty of good experiences with Tigerdirect)
  2. I don't use tigerdirect, I bought the card on newegg back in 08. It was hard to find an image of the 8600gt with that fan so that was the best one I found.
  3. If Zalman does not mention your card in the compatibility list, I would not use it. It might not even fit and if it does, it might not be big enough to keep your card cool.
  4. The fan works, and keeps my card under 60C. I am happy and it installed fine. 20$ for it NIB was good.
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