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what is a modest upgrade that wont kill my laptop but will give it a good performance kick. can this laptop handle an upgrade from say a 2.0 dual core to a 3.06 extreme. the stock processor seems kinda wimpy to me. i am using a very good cooler pad for my laptop and so heat is not an issue. i found a x9100 on ebay for 250 bucks which i think is reasonable. can i expect to see performance gains in my games if i do the swap. is it worth it? also found 8gb ddr3 ram for this lapttop 2x4gb for 139 bucks. it has 4gb now. again same question will it be a noticeable difference to upgrade this as well. also i would like to upgrade the drive from 5400rpm to a better 7200rpm drive or possibly a ssd drive. since the recovery partition is on the original can a program like partition magic handle this or is there a ghosting or cloning program out there that will do this? in short i will never be able to afford an alienware system but want the best possible performance i can get. Nvidia rules!!
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  1. I just answered another issue about oem board upgrades. Laptops are even less upgradable than desktops. It's a guessing game about cpu compatability. Unless you know someone with your exact same motherboard, you may be wasting your time and money trying it. You may also have to find another laptop heatsink to fit your motherboard and fan connector. Overheating is the biggest issue with laptops. If you get lucky and find a cpu that works, be sure to get a laptop cooler, which can run as little as ten dollars. For hardrives, get an ssd if you have the space for a second drive. The 60 gb kingston ssd's are going for around a hundred on sale at newegg and frys. For ram, take out the old ram and compare it's chipset configuration with the new ram. 4 gb is plenty; 8 gb is a waste of money and 4 gb ram sticks may not work with your board. You need to contact Gateway about upgrades before spending any money. They can help you more than we can.
  2. the p socket processor is compatable with the oem board. i have a real good cooler from coolmax i bought for 30 bucks and i have 2 drive bays for hdd or ssds even in raid 0 if i want been looking at the hybrid drives too. the processor is an intel x9100 series dual core and will work. the memory is listed as compatible on the memory stock.com website. its mainly how do i upgrade drives on my system partition. will i see beneficial gain by going to a 7200 drive i have a western digital 500GB drive 5400rpm and an external 1tb iomega usb drive. have one empty bay in the laptop. thanks addict for the response.
  3. dont need to change the board just want to put a better performance processor on the board than the stock processor. will this upgrade be too much processor for the systems stock cooling and would i ever be able to use my laptop for any length of time without the cooler in transit. the laptop is the gateway p7815u Fx series as advertised on tigerdirect and comp usa and circuit city right now for 699.00.
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