Is this a decent gaming upgrade?

First of all here are my current specs:

Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400 2.66Ghz
2GB DDR2-800 ram
Gigabyte p43 motherboard (single pci express slot)
WD 160GB hardrive
8800GT 512mb video card
Rosewill 600w PSU (dual 19A 12v rails)
Antec 900 gaming case

Windows XP home 32-bit and an Acer 1680x1050 22" monitor

I was thinking about getting these components for my system to help its gaming potential:

EVGA 750i SLI motherboard (Dual pcie slots at x16/x16) -$80
4GB of DDR2-1066 MHz ram -$100
Corsair 950w powersupply -$130
Two Gigabyte GTX 480's in SLI - $900

Total upgrade cost: $1210

I know some people may think that SLI 480's is overkill for my resolution but im the kind of guy who likes to have his games run silky smooth at 100fps+. I am trying to get as much video performance as possible for the money. Is there anything else I could get for the same amount of cash that would be better than this?

Also how would a Q9400 at stock speeds do with a config like this? How much would I need to overclock it to prevent bottlenecking?
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  1. There is also the issue of screen tearing when frames exceed 60fps and are not in sync due to the 60mhz refresh rate of typical LCD displays so do research No respectable reviewer has rated the higher end Fermis better buys than HD5850/HD5870 so if i were u i'd hit an after market cooler possibly,2more GB DDR2 and a HD5850? If u were on a dated single core, E2xxx or A64 X2 4xxx a platform overhaul would have made sense but considering still a lot of games do fine on X2 and our own forums concluding that X3 is the sweet spot....
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