Q9550 upgrade, stability issues.

So I just upgraded my e5200 to a q9550 on a 750i FTW Mobo, I can't for the life of me get this thing stable on stock settings. I've upped my FSB voltage, core voltage, SPP voltage (all within safe ranges), I still hang in the middle of gaming. I've changed nothing else, flashed my bios, updated the bios, etc.

Now, I noticed my GTX460 was climbing towards 90C under load, I don't remember it ever being that high. Is it possible that the bottle neck from my e5200 would of made my GPU cooler since it wasn't running full throttle? I've opened up the case and put a fan on it, I getting load temps of 60C now which is significantly better. My CPU temps have always been in the mid 40's, so not too worried there.

Would it make sense my my video card was overheating and causing the freezing?
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  1. Possibly. 90 degrees is hot. anything too much over 80C is not really great. So you have updated the motherboard BIOS with the most recent? Is the GPU fan spinning up to 100% speed? some gtx460's have a BIOS update to fix the fan speed problem, or you can use msi afterburner.
  2. Ya, I've opened up the case and put a fan on it, I reset all the voltages to stock for this CPU, and so far 30mins of gaming with no hiccup and my GPU @ 60 Celcius.
  3. I'm looking at all of the GTX460s at Newegg here:


    ... and they all appear to have a cooling fan mounted on the South side
    (assuming North is UP and rear panel is West).

    If your PSU is mounted in the top rear of your chassis,
    Antec makes a very effective video cooler -- Vcool -- that
    intakes cooler air from outside the rear panel, and
    blows it North i.e. directly at a video card:


    It's very easy to install, and there is an extension sleeve
    which helps to position the fan's output more directly over
    the video card's cooling fan.

    It might help with your problem.

  4. Hmm that's something to consider, but I think at this point I really need a new case to optimize ventilation. I had initially bought all this stuff on a tight budget. It all worked great for awhile, but now that I'm upgrading and adding new things, the case just isn't cutting it. I need something bigger that allows for more case fans. I'm just hoping I've figured out the problem, and that it's the overheating of the GPU.
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