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The age-old question. I decided to post it here because I've been searching and have found tons of conflicting advice, and maybe some of it is out of date. So we'll try one more time to ask you guys, who should know what you are doing, for some solid advice.

I always read about the importance of grounding oneself when building to avoid any damage to your computer parts. What's the best way to do this? Do I need one of those fancy wrist straps? Or is simply touching something metal periodically good enough? Do I touch the case itself, or some other metal object? Do I have the PSU plugged in (turned off, of course!) while I build? I'm quite confused.

Edit: Hey look everyone, BBBiter learned how to use search.
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  1. I've never worried about it. I've built around half a dozen rigs for myself/friends, walking back and forth on carpet wearing socks, and I've yet to have an issue. Just don't be stupid and drag your feet around the room before touching the graphics card or anything like that. I like to touch the metal frame of my desk every once in awhile just to be safe.
  2. I've built a few computers just like pyroflea and have never even worried about it. I don't touch anything metal or even attempt to ground myself in any way. That being said, my house is very humid, so that inhibits the static for me.

    It seems like computer parts are actually quite durable, even though they may not look the part. I think you'd be fine not grounding yourself, but what harm would it do to touch something metal every now and then? I wouldn't waste any money on one of those bracelets though.
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