How to repair inaccessible hard disk partition

hi i use a seagate desktop external harddrive.i use windows 7 ultimate OS but my external harddrive is now gives a drive letter in the my computer console and gives a dialog box saying "you need to format this partition first to use it".i have 4 partitions on the harddrive and all of them are inaccessible.can my drive be repaired or its now jus a matter of recovering my data.have tried all sorts of tricks.have gone to disk mgnt to try to change permissions and ownership bt it gives an error.have tried converting file system from raw to ntfs through command prompt but it says option not available for raw file systems.have tried chkdsk in cmd prompt and it says access plizz
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  1. check out seatools from seagate it may be able to help recover your data = how to use = download data recovery
    free to try (will let you scan and see if there is data to recover before buying)
  2. try acronis disk director, it has options to try to repair or recover.
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