470 worth it over a 460 1GB?

Hello folks, I am slowly losing my mind over this. I don't know whether I should get the 460 1GB (when it comes back in stock) or should I spend the extra money and get the GTX 470?

The GTX 460 just seems to be at the bottom of the line. I'm not really worried about power consumption and over heating (as long as it doesn't fry). I DO have very good airflow in my case so hopefully that will help with the GPU heat.

So right now it's $234 vs $324. Is it worth the extra money? Later on as it becomes obsolete, would either one have a better advantage than the other for SLI? I'm also looking at the nvidia surround vision. I'm sure this is very graphic intensive so would the 470 be better off for this?

I guess I'm specifically wondering what advantages the 460 1GB comes with. I know its a newer card and I heard somewhere it is a "hardware optimized" 470. Any advice?
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  1. resolution?
  2. Right now i have 2 x 1680's but planning on 1920 someday (within 6 months) MAYBE, lol.
  3. 470 by a mile
  4. Since you are not bothered about power draw and heat, there is hardly any other factor to not choose the GTX 470..
  5. go for EVGA GTX 460 1GB SLi.... It beats the HD 5970 hard
  6. and its a fair comparision since HD 5970 is a dual GPU
  7. If the heat/power/noise issue doesn't concern you then the GTX 470 is a good choice. You do mention SLI though and you must keep in mind that SLI will make the heat/power issue twice as important.
    If you are using 1680x1050 then really I would just get a GTX 460. It should be extremely good at that resolution and really quite good for 1920x1080 as well, especially if you OC the card. If you feel the need for something better later you can get another for SLI without turning your computer into a space heater. At stock two GTX 460s come quite close to an HD5970 due to SLI scaling better than crossfire.
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