HDMI audio to TV and PC audio to PC simultaneously

Hi All,

My desktop is doing double duty as the home PC and a HTPC. Can you have a graphics card hooked up to 2 displays, one a HDTV via HDMI and the other a PC via VGA, and have the audio that is going to the TV via HDMI play through the TV speakers and all other audio going to the speakers attached to the PC simultaneously?

Graphics card: SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 5450
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate

If this isn't possible with Windows 7 itself are there any other applications that can do this?

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  1. Unfortunately, I think the answer is no. I'm in a similar situation where I have two audio zones in my apartment. I have audio coming from my HTPC via the Optical S/PDIF to my receiver. Unfortunately, with Windows, you can only have one default audio output (I thought I heard you could do it with XP, but can't seem to locate how).

    It may be possible with something like 4x1 HDMI switch which claims to accept an HDMI input and simultaneously output digital and down-converted analog. It says, "simultaneously", but I couldn't help notice the 2CH and 5CH buttons on the remote control.

    I intend to get this for my set up next week, so if you can wait for a bit, I can let you know how it goes.

    -Wolf sends
  2. I'd definitely be interested to hear about it. Thanks.
  3. It should be arriving today (7/28/2010) and I'll attempt a rebuild either tonight or tomorrow.

    -Wolf sends
  4. Well, the good news is that the 4x1 HDMI switch seems to work perfectly. With HDMI out from my graphics card and into the unit and HDMI out from the unit to the HDTV as well as Stereo out to the Receiver AND coax out to the receiver; all three output audio (HDTV, Coax input on the receiver, and an analog on the receiver) and it's just a matter of switching the audio selector on my receiver or HDTV.

    My system consists of:
    Intel Core2Duo E6600
    2 GB RAM
    HD4670 graphics
    HDMI out from graphics to an Olevia 232T HDVT
    VGA out from graphics to BenQ Mp610 projector

    My problem is, most of the display modes (resolutions/frequencies) available with this graphic card result in "Invalid Format" messages on my HDTV. When I do find a valid format, when I try to enable my projector, my HDTV goes blank with the "Invalid Format" message and the projector comes online. Of course, my objective is to get both going at the same time.

    -Wolf sends
  5. Such a solution wasn't possible for me. Reading the post Simultaneous analog audio (or SPDIF) and HDMI audio I gave Virtual Audio Cable a try but that didn't work for me. I set one Audio Repeater from my VAC Line 1 to my speakers and another Audio Repeater from my VAC Line 1 to my HDMI. I didn't hear audio out of either.

    In the end I went with Windows 7 Tip: How to change the default audio device with a hotkey to change my playback device easily. I threw in a AutoHotKey script to set the playback device to my speakers on startup so I'd always know what playback device is selected after booting.
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