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Nvidia GeForce 9400GT Dirver issue?

I upgraded to windows 7 and since then windows shuts down and restarts randamly some times i catch it and see the error about the driver less than equal and some times is says something about the IRQ. If I run in xp it works fine and never has an issue. I have the latest drivers and have updated my bios on the mother board. I also turned off the onboard video but have yet to resolve the issue. any help is appreciated.
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    Yes, it's more likely driver issue...
    Try with driver inside the CD?
  2. How did you upgrade to Windows 7? Clean install? Are you dual booting?
  3. I am dual booting with win7 on one hard drive and XP on another. So yes it was a clean install on a new HD. I also started out with the driver from the cd but had problems from the start.
  4. 1) Is it a legal Windows 7?
    2) Please list be steps you followed to install 7. Be detailed.
  5. I installed a 2nd drive in my machine turned it on put in the window 7 disk and followed the instructions for the install. when it finished I rebooted the machine and had the option of starting windows 7 or older version. when I choose older version it starts in xp and when I choose windows 7 it starts windows 7.
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