Broken Motherboard?

Hello my computer shut down and my power led started to blink for a while before i pressed the power switch on the PSU behind the computer and tried starting it up, this didnt work, nothing happened it didnt give and light on the power led on the front side on my computer but the fans started for like 0.5 sec, the computer didnt give off any "beeps". I know its not the CPU, and i tried the and the psu worked so i guess its not the psu, and it cant be the harddrive or video card or the computer would have started, it could be the memory i guess but the computer doesnt give any beeps so i dont know, ive checked all components physically and nothing looks broken or burnt.

Please help.

CPU = AMD Phenom2 X4 955 3,2GHz Black Edition
PSU = Fractal Design Integra 400W
GPU = Gigabyte GeForce GTX 460 1GB
MB = MSI 870A-G54 AM3
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  1. It's the power supply. Never heard of your brand; 400w is marginal for your rig. I recommend a 650w or higher in one of these brands: antec, seasonic, corsair, or enermax. Most of their models are reliable.
  2. A 550W would be more than enough to power that setup. Just go with a good brand (Antec, Enermax, XFX, Corsair, PC P&C, and Silverstone). Point of advice for future builds: NEVER CHEAP OUT ON A POWER SUPPLY!
    $65 Enermax NAXN ENP550AWT 550W
    $65 Antec BP550 Plus 550W (modular)
  3. dont buy MSI there rubbish pick ASUS or Gigabyte
  4. Well ive been able to use the PSU for half a year without any problems and i asked ppl and they said it was enought to run a single gtx 460 with no problem, would like some real help instead of telling me my motherboard and psu are budget brands, doesnt really help since they actually have worked just fine.
  5. 10 to 1, one of two things happened:

    1. PSU died/partially died (happens with ElCheapo PSU's, could have a damaged 12v rail)
    2. You experienced a surge, and fried your Vid card (could have been prevented).

    Try the video card in another system. Try "breadboarding" your system. Take everything out of the case, and connect power to one part at a time, till you find what failed. I still HIGHLY RECOMMEND getting a good PSU ASAP to prevent this from happening again.

    *EDIT* Nvidia recommends a MINIMUM 450W power supply, so whomever told you it was safe to power your rig with a no-name 400W PSU is on something.

    Thermal and Power Specs:
    Maximum GPU Temperature (in C) 104 C
    Maximum Graphics Card Power (W) 160 W
    Minimum Recommended System Power (W) 450 W
    Supplementary Power Connectors 6-pin & 6-pin
  6. If you can find some reliable test results for your fractel design 400w, then I'll shut up. But I've had first hand experience with low end power supplies. One went up in smoke after only 4 days when overloaded (my fault for overclocking). Msi makes some good models of motherboards, but I have had better luck with biostar or gigabyte lately.
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