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I used to be a pretty hardcore gamer back in the day but just play casually now. I'm excited for Starcraft 2 to come out and got to play the beta a little bit on my PC at home. It was definitely disappointing running it on my machine. Slow loading, had to run it on low graphics qualities and it ran pretty sluggishly. I'm assuming my bottleneck is my video card but I wanted to make sure I ran it by some people that may be a little more up to date on this stuff than I am. If it is primarily the video card what should I replace it with? I really don't want to spend more than $150.

Compaq Presario SR1950NX

AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3800+ 2.4GHz


ATI Radeon X800

Thanks for the help.
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    Is that your PC?

    Well, i think it will be wise to save your money to build a whole new system.
    And it's DDR, not DDR2 on memory side. Any card recently will bottleneck by your cpu and ram. It doesn't mention about PSU, i assume it has a low PSU, so generally you must upgrade all of your components...

    But, for temporary, getting HD4670 will suffice, at least with 4670 you will see performance increase from X800. :)
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