Any one out there know what Ram would be best for the ASUS M4A88TD-M/ USB 3.0? I want to have the fastest possible 16gb of ram I can, I was looking at corsair dominator 4x4gb set til I found out it was for i5, i7 processors and I'm doing a Am3 phenom.
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  1. ^ Any DDR3 RAM would be compatibel with AM3 platform.
    Only Intel LGA 1156/ 1366 platforms are picky about RAM(They need RAM operating at 1.65V or less but AM3 platforms dont have this issue)

    And if you want to populate all the 4 RAM slots, then I would highly recommend lower speed tighter timings rather than higher speed loose timings because when you populate all the 4 slots, the memory bandwidth would be limited and it would be easier to set tighter timings than higher speeds...
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