My new computer won't work!!

K I ordered computer and spent a grand, first build set it up and got "reboot and set boot device" I read everywhere it's a hard drive fault so I got a Doa sanding spinpoint 500gb. Btw this is a ASUS evo5 Mobo, I think I put every cord in the right place but it wouldn't work, so I tried my old hard drive and it kinda booted (but my wireless mouse didn't work so I rebooted) kept trying and now I can't seem to get in with my old hard drive, keeps going to the windows loading logo, then starts back up. The computer recognizes the hard drive, (btw in the boot devices there's a ATAPI CD ROM, I don't have that what is it?) I've changed the boot order and stuff and dunno what to do.

So my questions are, how do I erase my old harddrive to use until I get a new one, and how do I file a Doa and warranty this sucker? I just wanna play sc2 ;(
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  1. Did you install an OS on the new hard drive? Since you have a new motherboard your old installation of your OS on the old hard drive doesnt have the right drivers so it either fails to boot or will be flaky, it seems like you have fail to boot.
  2. No I can't install an os onto the new drive because it won't boot. And if it did and it doesn't work wouldn't that waste a os?
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    No, it wouldnt "waste a OS", if it fails the installation you can try again, until you validate your copy online with microsoft(if its windows) its not official.

    When it wouldnt boot did you have the OS installation disk in the disk drive and did you have your CD/DVD drive as the first item in the boot order? It might be listed as a DVD drive or it might be listed as the ATAPI CD ROM depending on the system.
  4. Atapi CD rom is your DVD drive that you put windows disc in so you can boot up your computer to install the os on the hard drive.
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