New i7 build, drop in performance


I've just completed* building a new i7 rig and I've seemed to have taken a performance hit. My current setup is

MB: evga ftw3
CPU: i7 930
HS: corsair H50
Storage: 2x60gb OCZ vertex 2 raid 0
RAM: 3x2gb OCZ Gold DDR3 1600
GPU: 2xXFX 5870 1gb
PSU: Thermaltake TR2 RX 850
OS: Windows 7 64 bit

I previously had most of the components running with a AMD 940 @3.5ghz with 4x2gb ddr2 and a msi mobo. Using the Unigine Heaven beanchmark to test the system, I've seen my fps drop from 40 to about 32 (with the cpu oc'd to 3.9 was even lower stock). I have sen similar setups get around 45fps. I have also tried the becnhmark using just one gpu(tried them both solo) and my fps was around 19 and it was around 23 on the previous setup. I've updated the bios, played around with the clock settings on the cpu and gpu, and reinstalled the ati drivers countless times. Could there be something else I'm missing, or did I set my expectations to high for the i7?
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  1. Are you experiencing stuttering when you use the PC generally?
  2. Hopefully a silly question, but did you do a clean install of the OS after running "most of those components" on your previous system?
  3. The temps?
  4. CPU is running around 35-40, the evga board heats up to 80. Using ccc, it says the first gpu is 60, but it doesn't say anything about the second card.

    I did a clean install of win7.

    As far as stuttering goes, is was noticeably more stuttering during the unigine benchmark, but I haven't really experienced it with other apps. I'm in the process of downloading some games from steam to test out.
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