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my all USB ports does not accept any USB flash drives. it appears on 'My Computer" but, does not open any files and shows "drive not accessible" and "Access denied". whereas, all ports are accepting my printer thru USB connection... can any body give solution to this...?
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  1. try the steps in this link to repair any system files that may not be working correctly:
  2. Perhaps your USB drivers have become corrupted. You can go into device manager and remove all the USB hubs, then let the system re-detect them and reload the drivers.
  3. Perhaps, you can try to assign a new letter tot his drive in "Disk Management" and format it for rebooting it manually.
    Is there something important?
    If there is, you'd better try a free USB drive recovery tool for saving your data back before you format this drive. You could visit this freeware here:
    In the future, you must learn to back up your data well all the time.
  4. Try uninstalling Port Locker program. This locks your USB Drive and does not work properly.
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