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Yesterday i bought a Intel Pentium Dual-Core E6500 2.93 GHz for Gigabyte GA-945GZM-S2 and install it but surprize, the computer turned on but no lights no led were turned on ( it functioned for a few seconds after that it turned off itself). Later after a more detailed research on the net i've discovered that my motherboard doesn't support this type of CPU :ouch: . I have tried to use the old CPU an Intel Celeron but it doesn't work. I want to know if the CPU have been damaged because i'm off to purchase a AsRock G31M-GS R2.0 and dont have the money to purchase another CPU.




I've posted a few links with the specs of the processor, the old motherboard and the new motherboard wich i want to purchase.

Many thanks!
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  1. I have never had this problem, so i cant exactly say. But i don't think it would be damaged to the extent of not being usable. I would say, if you have a friend/relative whose motherboard supports your CPU, try it on his/her PC and see if the CPU is working or not.
  2. Ok i will try this but as i mention in my previous post my motherboard doesn't work with the previous Intel Celeron. Before i bought the CPU my motherboard ran fine. Shouldn't be working if i replaced back the old CPU?
  3. You might want to try to clear the CMOS on the motherboard, then try the old CPU again. I've seen where trying a new unsupported CPU messes up the BIOS settings and it requires clearing the CMOS before the old CPU will work again.
  4. After checking the motherboard specs, it looks like the GA-945GZM-S2 does support a E6500. Did you update to the latest BIOS before installing the CPU?
  5. I did a BIOS reset and it seems to work fine with the old CPU. As for the new CPU i've purchased a AsRock G31M-SR2.0 and it works perfect. Thanks
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