Local disk D: drive went missing after a virus

Local disk D: drive went missing after a virus. Tech support helped me remove the virus. Runnning Windows XP. I can see the missing drive in disk management but there is no letter assigned. When I right click the only option is help, there are not even other choices grayed out.

My office compatibility pack and hp printer seem to have had files on the missing disk. I uninstalled the compatibility pack and reinstalled to the C: drive. The HP printer will not uninstall completely so that I can reinstall the driver. Seems there are files in this missing D: drive that I cannot get to.

Any suggestions would be appreciated! :)
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  1. Who was your Tech Support?
  2. Sasiadek's a local company
  3. bring it back to them you already payed them.
  4. well I know that...I like to try to figure things out myself if I can.
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    You can add a new printer instead of fixing the one that is there and then make the new printer your default printer.
  6. Great idea...why didn't I think of that? I still have D: drive issues but this got me able to print until they come back out to fix the main problem. Thank you very much!
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