External hard drive problems

Hi, I have really big problem with my external hard drive disc there is my documents, projects and sketches
Problem is when I plug in that HDD he starts and then restarts again again and again... So what could it be? is he dead????!!!!

iomega 34959 portable 500GB 2.5inch USB 2.0
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  1. It could be that the external enclosure is bad. In which case, you could take it out of the enclosure and put it in the PC case and it would work.

    I've actually had an iomega external HDD do that to me before. I couldn't figure out what the hell was the issue, I finally tried taking it out of the enclosure and putting it in a PC and it worked fine. I was so pissed that I calmly took the faulty enclosure to the back, 2nd story door, and chucked it at the dumpster. It actually landed on the edge of the metal dumpster, causing lots of plastic to break and fly everywhere, but most of it went in the dumpster, and I felt MUCH better. lol.
  2. thnx I'll try it later
    And question how to take off enclosure? :D
  3. Thank so much for help Very big thanks my Projects now back to life!!
  4. Ok, now he started the same song Beep, beep, stuck, stuck, beep beep RESTART! good thing that i saved my files in my other HDD
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