Worth upgrading now?

Hi all,

My current set up is:

i7 920 3.6ghz oc
6gb corsair xms ram
80gb x-25 ssd
asus nvidia gtx 275

screen resolution: 1920x1200

Just Cause 2
Assasins creed 2

My question is should I be considering upgrading my graphics card yet? I havnt had ant massive problems running what i want to run atm but would I actually see a big difference upgrading to something like an ati 5850/70 or nvidia 460/70/80. I know the differences in framerates from all the benchmarks. Im more wondering if anyone else has upgraded from a similar set up and thought it was worth the cost atm?

Also noticed over here in the uk ati cards 5850/70 are slowly dropping in price since the 460 announced, do you reckon they wll contnue to drop, if so where would be the sweet spot on price for them do you reckon?

Also any news on the ati 5000 series refresh, really tempted to wait for the 5890 which must be coming at some point.

Thanks for any input
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  1. Another GTX 275 would give you greater performance than a GTX 480, so if that's a possible option and you are not too interested in DX 11 etc, it could be a good option. Your GTX 275 would perform around a GTX 460/GTX 465, and between an HD 5830 and an HD 5850, although closer to the HD 5830.
  2. I had considered another GTX275 but they are surprisingly hard to find and come in around £160 and also I just prefer a single card solution rather than xfire or sli.

    If I am to upgrade I would also what dx11 features, Im also really tempted by the eyefinity set up, has nvidia got an equivalent yet?

    But from the sounds of it its not worth the £200 to go to a 5850 for a slight improvement in performance, which makes think I'll wait until the 5000 series refresh. Any new news on rough release dates or is it still q4?
  3. ATI has recently said September/October for the "southern islands" cards. It's not certain whether they will market the cards as an addition to the HD5000 series or make them the next new series(HD6000).
    So if you aren't in a hurry then you might as well wait a bit.
  4. Well apart from availability issues, two GTX 275 in SLI will only be better than a GTX 295. http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/geforce-gtx-sli,2298-12.html If you want to upgrade then a 5850 will give you the most value at the moment.
  5. If your current gpu is doing what you need it to, I would not spend the extra 200 or 300 bucks for only a few more fps.
  6. Yeah I think I will hold off for a bit, as everett said I am not struggling to run what I want atm and although I would like a eyefinity set up now, I can wait till the new southern island cards appear as expecting them to be pretty good.

    Thanks for your input.
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