Nvidia 8800GTS 640Mb OC Card - SLI ?


I am using an ASROCK A330ION (Dual core hyper threading atom @ 1.6Ghz) motherboard. It has the built in ION chipset. Under BIOS i have set it to use 512Mb of the 4gb RAM I have available

My silverstone SUGO SG06 case has just arrived and so I can now connect my 8800GTZ 640Mb OC card to this motherboard.

Anybody know if it will SLI with the inbuilt ION chipset?

If not what should I do....go into BIOS and set memory mapping to 0mb for the ION (so freeing up 512mb of my RAM) and setting the GPU source to be the 8800 instead of the ION chiopset?

Any help appreciated

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  1. I doubt it will work. What do you plan to use this setup for?
  2. Just for some mild gaming. The ION with 512mb apportioned RAM works fine for the games I play. CoD, Dark Sector, GTA etc etc. Got the 8800GTS for £30 so thought i'd throw it in there, use a dedicated card so max RAM available for the OS. Very pleased with this setup. I expected nothing from the atom...but this dual core is running reasonably well as my main machine. DVD decoding, gaming...etc

    Still waiting on my 1055T and mini AM3 board...
  3. Just go ahead and plug the 8800 in then. It should automatically disable the on-board GPU. The Atom will probably bottleneck it a lot, but since this is just a stop-gap solution I guess it doesn't matter too much.
  4. Hmmmm what do you mean bottleneck. I thought the CPU will perform well, but not to it's best as will be held back by the CPU. Will the CPU actually worsen it's performance, or will it just be limited by the CPU ?
  5. EDIT : Sorry I meant GPU not CPU

    Hmmmm what do you mean bottleneck. I thought the "CPU" will perform well
  6. I meant that the GPU will probably be held back by the Atom CPU.
  7. Ok thats what I wanted to confirm. There were two scenarios I was thinking of. Either the GPU would work and would run terribly because of communication breakdown with CPU...or GPU would run to best of its ability, but could only run as fast as permitted by CPU (which is what you have just confirmed?)
  8. Pretty much. Remember that the components talk to the motherboard, not to each other directly. Thus, if the board supports PCI-E graphics, the GPU will work, but the CPU may be too slow to keep up with the GPU.
  9. it will run fine, it just means if a game is running poorly, it will most likely be due to the CPU. Most new games will be held back by the 8800 and your cpu, so theyre both bottlenecks.
  10. One word...WOW! Can't believe the difference, its great. I thought the ION 512mb might be the limit the CPU could handle....but the 8800GTS has taken it to another level. Free'd up 512mb RAM, and running well with the atom.

    Playing COD WoW on high settings, nice and smooth.

    The SUGO SG06 is ridiculously tight inside though. I went from a low profile tower to this desktop box....looks good but the most complicated case I have ever had to use.
  11. ohh the magic of dedicated cards
  12. Ha ha. I only got it because it because it was goign for £30 (original box the works...and the guy forgot he had a 7800Gt stashed in the bottom...freebie!).

    I must say I expected nothing from this atom system..thought it would stumble through most things like the netbook did (which drove me mad)...but the dual core and hyperthreading, with 4gb RAM handles windows 7, all applications and games (using ION but now dedicated) without issue....very suprised
  13. Congrats, glad to hear it.
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